Special drinks


Hendrick’s – 10,00 €
This Scottish gin is handmade in small quantities of 450 liters. That is why the “master distiller” has more control over this ‘spirit in the making’. They use about 11 plants from all over the world to put this gin together.

Tanqueray “Ten” – 10,00 €
Ten is produced by Diageo in Scotland. This gin is made with 10 different herbs.

Biercee – 10,00 €
Biercee Gin owes its rich flavors range of fresh fruit. berries. herbs and flowers, with a hint of cocoa. Daring but unique.

sfeerverlichting. sfeer. gezellig etenFilliers – 10,00 €
First Belgian premium gin. finally! Light floral and fruity taste.

Filliers dry 28 Tangerine – 10,00 €
This unique premium gin is based on tangerines. These mandarins come from sunny Spanish Valencia. They were carefully chosen for the limited production of the Filliers Dry Gin 28 Tangerine Seasonal Edition. Five times distilled in a small copper alembic, that’s what gives this gin a fruity taste with a clear accent of fresh orange. interwoven to a mixture of herbs.

Monkey 47 – 10,00 €
This gin has a complex and flavorful taste, thanks to the 47 plants from the Black Forest it contains. Monkey 47 Gin has aged about 100 days in barrels of pottery for bottling. The label states the date of bottling and the barrel and bottle number. Strong and complex in aroma and flavor with hints of sharp spicy juniper and citrus.

Mombassa – 10,00 €
Retro-gin. originally designed in the 19th century for British settlers in Kenya / Zanzibar.

London N°1 – 10,00 €
A successful tribute to the ‘full-bodied’ gins from the past, but with a modern twist, thanks to the remarkable turquoise blue color. from the Gardenia flower. This is one of the 12 botanicals that make this gin so unique. especially thanks to the distillate on the basis of the quality Suffolk & Norfolk grain. Limited annual production volume!

Gin Mare – 10,00 €
Gin Mare is made with the highest quality of botanical plants and herbs. They are all selected in the Mediterranean regions.


Grey Goose – 10,50 €
Grey Goose is actually French. It is distilled in the town of Cognac and made of French winter wheat, which are sown and harvested at different times than the normal version. This wodka contains water from the “Gente Spring” which is pure water because of its natural purifying effect. You can certainly taste this in the vodka.

Fancy a glass of Gin or Vodka as an aperitif?

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